Automotive Repair for Collision Damage, Dents, and Scrapes

Bob's Auto Body And Frame Shop offers automotive repair to make your vehicle look brand new. From major crashes to a minor dent, you'll forget it was ever there. Our shop is outfitted with equipment that Ford uses from manufacturers such as Celette, Betag and more. We are knowledgeable on aluminum repair including proper welding techniques, fixing dents, and the Henrob SPR Rivet System for aluminum. Contact us today to get back on the road.

Dent Repair

Walking up to see your vehicle has a fresh dent is never a fun surprise. Even the smallest dent can make a car look older and less sleek. Trying to remove a dent on your own could cause more issues than necessary. Bob's Auto Body and Frame has professionals that know the most efficient way to remove a dent, so that you can enjoy how new your vehicle looks.

Collision Repair

A collision can be devastating. If you didn’t receive any injuries, then your top priority will be to get your car back on the road looking like the accident never happened. That’s where we come in.

Bob's Auto Body & Frame Shop is your choice for collision damage repair. We are well-equipped to bring your vehicle back to its pre-collision condition.

Auto Paint

As it is with furniture and homes, a fresh coat of paint can breath life back into vehicles. Auto Paint can help cover regular wear such as scratches and scrapes. Whether you want to refresh the current color or switch it up to something new, your vehicle will be looking like it just came off of the assembly line.